Crescent Beach Day Trip

On election day, we knew we were going to be in for a major waiting game. So we planned ahead for a mini adventure. We knew we would need a little Vitamin Sea! So, we pointed the car toward the Atlantic and headed east.

For those familiar with High Springs, Florida, you'll know it's a fairly painless drive. For those unfamiliar with the fresh water diving capital of the USA, start by finding Gainesville, Florida on the map and you'll be close enough. As I said before, we headed east.

One of the coolest features of Crescent beach, just south of St. Augustine and about an hour north of good ole Daytona Beach is that you can actually drive out onto the sand. As in, you get to load your vehicle up with all your beach gear and don't have to bother lugging it all in a buggy or making multiple trips. Cooler, chairs, camera gear (always so much camera gear), towels, and pup (if you choose) and you're set for a real treat of a day.

We were making the stop for just a few hours and it was unseasonably chilly so we actually just soaked up some Vitamin D, fresh air, and watched a guy on a hydrofoil absolutely slaying it. Overall, a great spot.

Now, for the details:

Location: We entered at Crescent Beach Ramp Vehicle Access on Cubbedge Road

Where to enter with your vehicle: Map here.

Know Before You Go:

According to the St. John's County Website, you need a beach driving pass. This is required for residents and non-residents. At the time we entered the beach, we did not have a pass, there was no kiosk, and there was no attendant. We're thinking that because of COVID much of this has been paused. That said, we now know to contact Beach Services before heading that way again. They can be reached at (904) 209-0331