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It's Strawberry Time at Amber Brooke Farms - Williston

There are few things more satisfying than biting into a juicy, ripe strawberry picked fresh from the field. The sugary sweetness, the tart acidity, the juice that rolls down your face and onto your hands. Honestly, it's just perfection. And it's something I've enjoyed since I was just old enough to waddle through the strawberry patch.

Back in the day, 441 in south Florida was filled with farms. We're talking peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, sugar cane, the whole mess of it. We're talking before the strip malls and McMansions took over. Back then there was one true way to know winter had arrived - strawberry Upic season. While I no longer call SoFlo home and most of the strawberry patches have been paved over for giant neighborhood with ritzy names, I'm grateful for days like today in my North Florida corner of the world where I get to take a trip down memory lane.

We kicked off the day with a berry filled meal all made onsite from their cafe and bakery.

  • The salad featured fresh from the farm strawberries, blueberries, Florida candied pecans, greens, and a strawberry vinaigrette

  • Chicken salad wrap with blueberries

  • Strawberry Lemonade

  • Strawberry cheesecake & shortcake

On your visit, be sure to stop the cafe for several of the above offerings and more. We heard several folks bragging on the milkshakes and were really wishing we had save some room to try those. We'll for sure be back during peach season to try out a peach milkshake. And for those of you that enjoy an adult beverage as you mosey about, they offer a solid selection of craft beer, a few domestics and even a hand full of wines.

After lunch, we headed out into the fields for the upic portion of the afternoon which was a ton of fun. Throughout the year they offer strawberry, blueberry, peach, zinnia, and sunflower upic. You can check out what's in season here under current crops.

Planning for your upic experience:

  • Wear closed-toe shoes or one's you're comfortable walking in sand / grass with

  • Remember your sun protection: sunscreen, hats, spf clothes, and sunglasses

  • Bring along a reusable water bottle to fill at their refill stations (located between the bathrooms at the cafe)

  • Fill up on the best berries you can imagine. The farm provides buckets for picking, clamshells for taking your spoils home, and clippers for cutting sunflowers with.

  • Due to federal and state regulations, pets must stay at home. Service animals are always welcome!

  • Parking is FREE!

  • Some events are ticketed so be sure to check out there website for ticketing details for special events before heading out to the farm.

  • Don't forget your camera / phone and tag them on IG @AmberBrookeFarms_Williston

After filling a few clamshells full of berries, we headed for the sunflowers. The sunflowers were spectacular but one very unexpected treat was spotting a pair of fox squirrels. These north Florida natives are a real treat to see out in the world. The pictures just can't catch their beautiful coloring but check out the picture proof below.

We wrapped up the day with a stroll around the farm, a local beer, and checked out the wide array of activities for the family.

  • Ball Zone

  • Barrel Train

  • Bubble Barn

  • Corn Hole

  • Duck Race

  • Gem Stone Mining

  • Jump Pillows

  • Platform Playground

  • Slide Hill

  • Spider Net

  • Tire / Digging Sand Pit

  • Wagon / Tractor Ride

If you're looking for a low key day with friends or family, Amber Brooke Farms in Williston is a great spot to check out. Between the farm fresh produce and beautiful blooms, we'll certainly be heading back soon.

Amber Brooke Farms is located at 3250 NE 140th Ave, Williston, FL 32696

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